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Black Eyed Beans

  • Black Eyed Beans in Indore
  • Black Eyed Beans in Indore
  • Black Eyed Beans in Indore
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Black Eyed Beans


  • Origin -India, Uganda
  • Moisture: 10% Max
  • Protein – 43%
  • Oil-18.5 %
  • Color- Yellow
  • Freezing Limit-0.1
  • Seed Index-Min 0.1
  • Split Or Broken: 1% Max
  • Admixture, Foreign Matter: 0.1 Max
  • Free From Live And Dead Insects

  • Sustainably Grown(Traceable data of fair trade and Farming methods)
  • Grown By Smallholder Farmers(Less than 4 Hectare of Land)
  • Premium up to 23-35% (Digital Ledger for Traceability)
  • Less bitterness and Astringent Taste in Milk
  • Certified Food Safety Supervisors Process Monitoring

Our holistic sustainability strategy supports and empowers marginalized &
smallholder farmers through the Mutual Prosperity Pledge, Want to join us?