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Quality Control & Processing

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Quality Control

At the core of our quality and compliance programs is the promise that our agricultural raw materials will reach our customers in excellent condition, free from any taint of adulteration or contamination.

Our integrated supply chains include working with smallholder farmers to produce quality seeds. Keeping the highest standards of quality and microbiological control in processing plants reduces the risks to food safety.

It is absolutely necessary for us to be abreast of the continuously shifting regulatory environments across all of our different markets. We use granular vigilance to make sure that we keep up with the rules and standards set by government agencies and other legislative bodies.

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We manage 2 grain processing facilities (third party) in India, certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority India (FSSAI) and 1 SGS approved grain processing units (third party) in Uganda. Continued investment in achieving safety, health, quality and supporting sustainability is essential to delivering quality raw material to our customers. We continue to upgrade equipment and technology such as laboratory testing equipment, metal detectors, screens, X-rays and color sorting.

We’ve implemented the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point method of systematic prevention (HACCP). Rather than relying on finished product inspection, it addresses physical, chemical, and biological hazards throughout the operation as a preventive measure. We have a tie up with third party NABL(National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certified labs to ensure the hazards and quality monitoring of products.

Our holistic sustainability strategy supports and empowers marginalized &
smallholder farmers through the Mutual Prosperity Pledge, Want to join us?